JoyRun Spark Driver FAQ

What is JoyRun?
JoyRun is a food delivery service – customers can place restaurant orders through the JoyRun app, and drivers can deliver them by using the Spark Driver app.
Do I get to choose the JoyRun Partners I want to deliver from?
Once you select your preferred JoyRun delivery zone as part of your initial Spark Driver onboarding process, you will receive offers from all JoyRun Partners located within that zone. If you receive an offer from a partner that you do not wish to deliver from, simply reject the offer and accept those from the partners you prefer.
How big are the orders I'll be delivering?
The size of each order will vary depending on the specific items it includes.
Where do I go to pick-up an order at the Restaurant?
The Spark Driver App will provide you with information on where to pick-up the order. When you arrive at the restaurant, there will usually be signage telling you where delivery orders can be picked up.
Do I need to put orders in a specific place in my vehicle?
When picking up orders, place the items in a clean space to avoid contamination and consider separating batched orders in separate locations within your vehicle. For example, place one order in the trunk and the other in the back seat, as shown in the image below.
What type of products will I deliver with JoyRun?
You will be delivering food and beverages from our partner restaurants.
Is there any equipment I need to bring with me while delivering?
No equipment is necessary., However, some drivers find it helpful to keep an insulated storage bag in their trunk for hot and cold items.
What if a customer asks me to deliver to a different address than what's on the order?
Deliveries should only be left at the address provided in the Spark Driver App. If the customer is requests re-delivery to an address other than what is listed in the order details, please advise them to cancel the original order and place a new order for delivery to the preferred alternate address. In these instances, the order can be safely discarded or returned to the restaurant.
Do customers need to be home to accept deliveries?
If the customer has requested an attended delivery, you will be required to get their signature at drop-off. If the customer has requested a no-contact delivery”, you will be able to drop off the food at the customer’s drop-off location, and will be required to take a picture of the drop off via the Spark Driver app.
How do I return an order?
If you are unable to complete a delivery for any reason, follow the prompts in the app to note the reason why, and find a place to safely discard the order or else return the food to the restaurant. (No need to call Spark Driver Support!)

Additional Spark Driver FAQ

For more detailed up to date information about using the Spark Driver app, terms and conditions please go here.
How is my information used by Walmart?
You can read how we use your information in the Privacy Policy available here.
What kind of phone do I need to access the Spark Driver App?
The Spark Driver App is available on both iOS and Android mobile devices. For optimal use, we recommend using iOS 11 and newer or Android 5.0 and higher. Additionally, all devices should have a camera with flash and GPS Location Services. (Note that pre-paid devices will not support the Spark Driver App.)
What is the relationship between DDI and Spark Driver?
As the third-party administrator for driver management, DDI is responsible for the driver sourcing and onboarding of new drivers, which includes such processes as screenings, background checks, payments, and accounting. Given this involvement, you can expect to receive periodic emails and text messages from DDI once you’ve started delivering on Spark Driver.
How will I receive information and updates from Spark Driver?
We use a variety of methods to help keep you informed of all the latest Spark Driver updates, including:
  • In-App Notifications: Details regarding incentives, offers, and reminders will be sent as pop-up notifications directly through the Spark Driver App.
  • Text Message: Keep an eye out for the Spark Driver SMS number - 32093 - for helpful information and App updates!
  • Email: The Spark Driver team will share important details on new App features, program changes, and process updates.
What should I do if I forget my password for the Spark Driver App?
You can reset your password at any time by following these steps:
  • Sign out of the Spark Driver App to go to the main login page
  • Select “Forgot my Password” on the login screen
  • Check the email associated with your Spark Driver account and follow the directions to complete the password reset.
How do I update my driver's license or vehicle information?
For changes to driver’s license or vehicle information, please contact DDI at 877-947-0877 or Spark email: Driver@ddiwork.com.
How do I update the email used for my account?
To change the contact information associate with your Spark Driver account, please contact DDI at 877-947-0877 or email: Spark@ddiwork.com.
How do I set-up and change my availability in the Spark Driver App?
You can easily set and manage your availability in the Spark Driver App by selecting “Availability” from the home screen. Keep in mind that since order volume varies, you may not always receive offers during your set availability and offers or earnings are not guaranteed.
How many metrics are there?
There are four different metrics being measured, listed below:
  • On-Time Arrival (OTA)
  • Drop Rate
  • Acceptance Rate
  • Customer Rating
Can I view My Metrics details in the Spark Driver App?
Yes, you can access your personalized metrics dashboard from the “My Metrics” link on the sidebar menu of the main Spark Driver App screen.

From there, you can click the “More Details” link to read additional information about the program and the provided insights.
Click here to read more about Spark Driver My Metrics!
How much will I earn delivering with Spark Driver?
As a driver, you will be paid for each delivery you complete. Each offer will list the minimum amount you will receive for completing the delivery. Additionally, you can also expect to receive opportunities for incentive earnings as part of Spark Driver Bonus Programs!
Am I able to accept tips from customers?
Yes! Walmart customers can add a pre-delivery tip to their Online Grocery* order during check-out, which you will see reflected in the “Earnings” tab of your Spark Driver App 24-hours after delivery. Keep in mind that customers can make edits to their pre-delivery tip up to 24-hours after the delivery is completed, so you will not see the tip reflected in your Earnings tab right away. (This makes providing top-notch service even more important!)

Additionally, customers also have the option to add a tip after the delivery has been completed, and they can always provide cash tips when you arrive with their order as well. Regardless of the tipping option customers use, rest assured that you keep 100% of any tips earned!

* Note that pre-delivery tipping is not available for Dotcom (GM) orders.
How often will I get paid?
Earnings will be deposited directly from DDI into your bank account every Friday. These weekly payments will reflect deliveries completed the previous week from Monday through Sunday.
Does Spark Driver offer bonus opportunities?
Yes! Incentives are frequently offered through the Spark Driver Bonus Programs tab in your App, designed to provide you with additional earning opportunities while delivering with Spark Driver.
Are there different types of incentives I will receive?
Yes, we have created a variety of standard incentive offerings to help make it easier for all drivers to maximize their earning potential with Spark Driver.
  • Lump Sum Incentives – This baseline incentive type offers eligible drivers one defined bonus payment for completing a set number of trips.
  • Example: Complete ten trips between X/XX – X/XX and earn an extra $30.
  • Guaranteed Earnings Incentives – If eligible drivers do not earn a set amount of earnings after completing a certain number of trips, Spark Driver will pay the difference, making the established earning amount guaranteed.
  • Example: Make $300 guaranteed as a new driver by completing 15-trips within the first seven days.
  • Tiered Incentives – Tiered incentives include a series of Lump Sum incentives presented in increasing tiers, providing a higher total earning opportunity for each subsequent tier.
  • Example: Complete four trips to earn an extra $20, six trips to earn an extra $20, or eight trips to earn an additional $35.
  • Pay-Per-Trip Incentives – Simply put, this incentive provides an extra earnings amount upon completion of a single trip.
  • Example: Earn an extra $5 for each trip completed after 4pm today.
Can I be eligible for multiple incentives at once?
Yes, depending on the established conditions, there may be instances when you are eligible for more than one incentive at a time. If you see the incentive reflected in the “Bonus Programs” tab of your Spark Driver App, that means you are eligible to participate.
If one of my orders is returned, will it still count towards my incentive progress?
As long as the trip is completed, it will count towards your incentive progress. This includes trips that require order returns to the store due to customer cancellation, customer rejection, or if the customer is not home to accept a curbside grocery order.
When will I get paid for completed incentives?
Incentive payments will be triggered either 24-hours after you complete the required amount of trips, or 24-hours after the incentive period has ended.

Once either of these criteria are met, navigate to the “Earnings” tab in your Spark Driver App to see an itemized breakdown of the bonuses you received.
How are earnings calculated?
The Spark Driver pay model is designed to ensure the earnings you receive are fair and transparent no matter what you’re delivering. With this, earnings are calculated based on a variety of factors, such as distance traveled, delays encountered at pick-up, order size, complexities at delivery drop-off location, and so forth.
Are taxes being deducted from my earnings?
No, any fees noted in your weekly settlement reflect business expenses paid to DDI and/or Walmart that can be claimed when you file your taxes.
Is there a guaranteed minimum earning per order that I can expect to receive?
Yes, each offer will denote a minimum pay amount indicating the guaranteed take-home pay you can expect to receive for the delivery, as shown below.

Keep in mind that your actual earnings may be higher as the guaranteed minimum pay does not include “Extra Effort”, which may be added incrementally depending on delays encountered at store pick-up. You will see any extra earnings reflected as “Extra Effort” in your Earnings tab of the Spark Driver App. And don’t forget, all customer tips always go directly to you!
What if the order is cancelled after I've started the delivery?
If an offer you’ve accepted is cancelled by the store or customer after you’ve arrived for on-time pick-up, you will be provided with a compensatory fee for arriving to the store on time.
I receive an error that my account is deactivated. What should I do?
If your Spark Driver account is disabled, please email Spark Driver Support at Sparksupport@custhelp.com for further details and next steps.
How do I cancel my Spark Driver account?
You can temporarily freeze or permanently close your Spark Driver Account by contacting Spark Driver Support Sparksupport@custhelp.com If you no longer wish to drive with Spark Driver, you can simply delete the App from your device and re-download from your App Store if/when you’re ready to come back.
Will I be able to track my status while delivering with Spark Driver?
The My Metrics program allows you to actively monitor your metrics on the Spark Driver platform to give you visibility into whether you’re meeting the established service level standards outlined in the Spark Driver App Terms of Use.